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Should you pick a niche before company registration in Thailand?

One of the main things when you start a company is to make sure that you understand your audience. Sure, the company registration in Thailand is important and it will help you create a business. But you should only create a business if you really know that there’s a demand for what you have on offer. If what you are sharing is not exactly something people really need right now, then there will be some issues and that’s obviously something to avoid.

We believe that company registration in Thailand should be completed only after you have a niche and know exactly what you want from your business. Selecting a business and also making sure that you have a plan for it is imperative before you go on with the company registration in Thailand. It might not seem like a whole lot at first, but the process itself can work amazingly well and if you do it right nothing is impossible. Yes there will be some demanding moments for sure, but in the end that’s the crucial aspect to think about and nothing is impossible if you do it right.

The way you find your niche differs from one business to the other. Some will do market research and see what people really want. This is very important because it brings in some ideas that will make it easier to understand your customer base. You do want to offer your customers a great experience and you want to show just how much you value them. The more you do so, the better the payoff can be and in the end these little things make all the difference. Of course it will always be hard to establish and run a business. But as long as you know your niche well and provide something that people want, then it will be worth it.

You also want to create a good strategy once you finish the company registration in Thailand. You don’t want to keep things in there just because you can. You need commitment and a true focus on the matter at hand as you make sure that the process is convenient and downright amazing. Yes there will be some challenges along the way, but if you do this right nothing is impossible and you will enjoy it for sure. Yes there will be challenges but the company registration in Thailand will be meaningful and the results will be really nice.

We believe that the company registration in Thailand process has to be convenient and professional. It needs to deliver all the quality and value you want in a rather comprehensive package. And of course there can be tricky moments, but if you do this right nothing will stand in your way. Rest assured that selecting your niche is always helpful and you have to do it as fast as possible. It doesn’t seem mandatory at first, but it really is and that’s what really matters for you. Opt for the company registration in Thailand only when you have everything nailed down and you can start your business!

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How long is the average total engagement period?

company registration in thailand

The company registration in Thailand is important, but at the same time you also have to think about other stuff. The sheer fact that you need to endure a total engagement period can be very tricky. The idea here is to figure out what really works for you and what things can be adjusted or adapted to suit your needs in a professional manner.

Ideally here you want to have a proper focus on the engagement period. This will differ most of the time. A free zone LLC will have 6 weeks for example. A Thai PLC will have 4 months, just like the branch and Rep office.

On the other hand, if you have a fast solution, this will have only 6 weeks. So things do tend to be very different here to the point where it will be tricky for you to find the right results no matter what happens. The thing you have to realize is that the company registration in Thailand is very important;

What you want to do is to study the total engagement period and see if it suits your needs the right way or not. Most of the time this will be an amazing opportunity and one that has a huge potential if you do it right. If you do that properly, it can definitely be one of the better things about your business.

On the other hand, working with a professional can really bring you some good results no matter what. But you have to realize that the more you tackle this professionally, the better it will be in the end.

Working with a legal expert to tackle all of this stuff may not feel like a lot, yet it will really help you. In the end the primary focus has to be on quality and professionalism, and it can totally offer you some good benefits. It will not be that expensive to hire a professional here, your focus has to be on quality and value at all times.

And once you have all of that, nothing will be able to stand in your way. The company registration in Thailand process is complicated as it is, having to wait for stuff like this is always going to be quite problematic. But then again if you do this right, your results will be among some of the nicest ones that you can find out there. Yes, it really is a tricky situation but it can also be one of the situations that will offer good benefits for you in the end. It really helps if you do it right.

That’s why knowing the average total engagement period will be different from one type of business to the other. Yet it’s still more than ok if you do this the right and proper manner, otherwise you will encounter issues. So yes, try to keep this in mind and it will be more than ok in the end!

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Foreign business license application


Some people that do a company registration in Thailand also need to perform a foreign business license application. The foreigners that want to engage in businesses included in the lists 2 or 3 of the FBA in Thailand will require a foreign business license. This needs to be shared from the relevant authorities.

With it, you will be able to do company registration in Thailand. Without this license, you will be restricted from that. So yes, you have to take that into consideration and you have to avoid any rush the best way you can.

You can file the application with the Commercial Registration Department. This will be reviewed by the Foreign Business Committee or the Cabinet, depending on the situation. As you can imagine, not all applications will be approved.

They will take into account a variety of criteria in order to apply or ignore your application. This means they will want to focus on the pros and cons for the safety and security of the country, social development, local employment, how large the business will be and so on.

The authorities are bound to approve the business license for a foreigner if there are a lot of benefits coming from that particular person. If the foreigner is creating a business that promotes Thai interests, his business license will most likely be approved. If that’s not the case, then you may have to deal with quite the hassle as you pursue the license.

Is it easy to get such a license? Not that easy unfortunately. In fact, the application process tends to take quite a while and you never know the outcome. In fact, the foreign investors know this and not a lot of them go through this process to begin with. They will however try to submit a BOI application even if there are smaller chances than they would expect. That’s what the company registration in Thailand is all about in the end.

Another thing to note about the foreign business license is that you do need a professional to help you with it. Aside from taking a long time to get a resolution, applying for this isn’t a simple process either. It does take a while and it’s quite time-consuming to write the application and doing that the right way. It’s definitely not a simple process to pursue, but it’s bound to be more than worth it for you in the end. That’s up to you and how you handle this situation.

So, should you opt for the foreign business license application? If you want to start a company registration in Thailand, then yes, that will be a good idea. But even so, the results are hard to pinpoint and that can be quite the issue. In the end though, applying this way is well worth it and it’s bound to bring you a lot of great value. You should totally keep this in mind and apply to the foreign business license, as it does offer lots of great opportunities for you in Thailand!

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